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About Us

Hanover Family Practice Associates is a group practice with five offices to serve you.  Our doctors share “on-call” duties, expenses, and resources to provide you with cost-effective, quality medical care.

We work to promote the health and well-being of our patients and the community through medical service and education.  You will have a single family doctor who knows and cares for you. Your own doctor, or his/her physician assistant or nurse practitioner, will see you unless he or she is unavailable. In that event, another doctor will cover and provide care for you or your family member until your doctor is available. At least one of the physicians remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our family practice is made up of MD’s, DO’s, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners.  Our physicians have training in six broad areas of medicine (pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, psychiatry and community medicine), and are certified and retested every seven years by the American Board of Family Medicine. Our Physician Assistants are board certified by the National Certification Center for Physician Assistants. Our Nurse Practitioners are board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Family doctors provide continuing and comprehensive health care for women and men from birth to old age, in the environment of family and community.  We can care for over 90% of medical problems and refer to the appropriate specialist when necessary.  We also care for our patients in local nursing homes and occasionally will need to see an ill, bedridden patient at their home.

Even when you require treatment from a specialist, you can be certain that your doctor will continue to be involved in the supervision and coordination of your health care. Your family doctor at HFPA should be the first person that you consult for any medical problem.


  • Call as far in advance as possible for your appointment.
  • Provide 24-hour notice to cancel an appointment.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment
  • If you cannot wait for a provider who has been delayed, please tell the receptionist, and we will be glad to reschedule your appointment.
  • Doctor’s offices sometimes run late, mostly because of unanticipated medical problems that must be handled. If you have additional symptoms you wish the doctor to address at a visit, please inform the doctor’s office staff so we can set aside enough time. Sometimes we can’t evaluate all of a patient’s problems at one visit and will schedule an additional appointment to review your concerns.
  • Keep us informed of any changes of address, telephone number, marital status, employment, insurance coverage, etc. that may have clanged since your last visit. Our staff will ask specifically if you have changes to your insurance and will ask to see your insurance card at each visit.
  • Ask your provider about anything that you do not understand.
  • Feel free to report to any of our doctors or our administrator any complaint you may have.  We will do our best to correct the problem.  We welcome any suggestions you may have for improving our services or increasing the comfort and convenience of our patients.
  • Please respect the health of all of our patients and do not smoke on the property of Hanover Family Practice Associates.

Office Hours

Our offices open at 8:30 AM and close at 5:00 PM. Evening hours are also available Monday through Thursday at one of our four offices. One of our four offices is open every Saturday morning from 8:30 AM until noon.

Emergency Care

If you require emergency care at times outside of our normal office hours, you should call your doctor’s office. You will be instructed on how to contact your personal doctor or the doctor covering for him or her.

This doctor will discuss your problem with you. Many urgent problems can be handled in the office more quickly and at less cost than in the emergency roam. The on call doctor can best assess where you should be seen.

You have access to HFPA physicians at any time by calling your doctor’s office. We gladly provide this service to you, but ask that you contact us after hours only for problems which can’t wait until the office is next open. Routine medical questions, prescription refills, appointment requests; and general inquiries should be restricted to normal office hours.

Telephone Diagnosis

The office staff has been trained to answer simple questions and give advice about treating common symptoms over the phone. They are not able to diagnose diseases over the phone.

Medical Records

Your medical records are kept on file and are confidential.

Charges and Billing

We expect you to pay for our services at the front desk unless we participate with your insurance plan or other arrangements have been previously made. The responsibility for payment of the account always remains with you. We will send you a monthly statement of your account with all unpaid charges for the current month listed and itemized. You may incur a finance charge if your balance is carried over for more than 30 days after your insurance has made payment. This includes all co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance that are expected to be paid at the time of your visit.

Medical Insurance

There are many types of insurances with varying amounts of benefits. Please remember that we have no control over what amount your insurance company will pay you. You will receive a “walk-out statement” that you may use in filing your insurance. We do file insurance claims with certain private insurance companies, Medicare, and Pennsylvania Medical Assistance. If we do not participate with your insurance company, you will be responsible for sending the information to your insurance company. The payment of your account balance remains your responsibility, and we will continue to bill you and expect payment from you even if your claim is disputed by your insurance company. We are not able to negotiate a disputed claim with your insurance representative.

House Calls

Occasionally we need to see an ill, bedridden patient at their home. Usually however, home visits are not able to provide the level of care given in the office.


We ask that you familiarize yourself with your medications. Continue your medication until your doctor directs you to stop. If you run out and are not sure if you should continue, call us. Notify the office if you have any problem with a medication. If you need a prescription refill, call our office during regular office hours

Maintain a list of all your current medications and keep a list with you.

When calling about a prescription refill, have the name, strength and dosing information available. Be prepared to tell us the name of the pharmacy you use.


All of the physicians of Hanover Family Practice Associates are on the medical staff atHanoverGeneralHospital. We admit, care for, and visit our hospital patients on a daily basis until they are ready to be discharged.


Charges for the professional care you receive from our physicians who still provide hospital care while you are in the hospital are billed separately from the charges for the use of the hospital facilities. Your monthly statement from us will include the charges for the doctors’ in-hospital care. These should be paid in the same manner as charges incurred in our office.

Feel free to discuss fees and treatments at any time. We want all of our patients to understand our charges and medical care. We want you to be satisfied that they are reasonable, equitable and appropriate. Complete frankness on the part of both patient and doctor is the best guarantee of mutual understanding.

Check your statement carefully when you receive it. We try to be as accurate as possible in regard to your financial records, but we do make mistakes. The more promptly you notify you doctor of an error on your account, the sooner we can correct it.

Please assist us in verifying your insurance claim information and the claim will promptly be filed with your insurance carrier.

Talk to Your Physician

You are encouraged to become a full partner with your doctor in the treatment and maintenance of your health. It is very important to tell your physician if you are taking prescribed or over the counter drugs, including vitamin supplements and herbal remedies. Your doctor needs to know if you have any allergies, chronic illness, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or use recreational substances.


We are members of the Hanover General Hospital medical staff and utilize the hospital out-patient facilities freely. If it becomes necessary for you to be admitted to Hanover General Hospital, one of their hospital doctors, also known as hospitalists, will provide the care you need while in the hospital. Most of our practice time is spent in the office. This is where we see our patients for physical exams, health maintenance consultations, patient education, and sick visits. We follow chronic problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. We perform urinalysis, throat and urine cultures, electrocardiograms, hearing testing and pulmonary function tests. In addition, we use outside laboratories which allow us to draw blood and submit it for virtually any test available.

In the office, we:

  • Suture Lacerations
  • Lance boils
  • Remove moles, warts and skin cancer
  • Aspirate and inject joints
  • Perform endometrial biopsies
  • Administer IV fluids
  • Inject tendon sheaths and trigger points
  • Provide counseling
  • Occupational medicine
  • Achilles and full bone
  • Workers compensation
  • densitometry
  • Gynecological Services
  • Reclast infusions
  • Audiometry/Tympanometry
  • Prolia injections
  • Provide vaccinations
  • Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

In the event that you require physical therapy as part of your medical care, Hanover family Practice has its own Physical Therapy Department who can provide you with personalized and prompt care.


Monday – Thursday
7a.m. – 12p.m. & 1p.m. – 5p.m.

7a.m. – 12a.m.

Phone: (717) 633-5075
  (717) 633-5675