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Billing Policies

Please note: Our billing office is located at 100 Penn Street, Suite D, Hanover, PA. Contact information:  717-633-6513

We participate with the following insurance providers and medicare plans:

Insurance Providers

We are NOT a participating provider with United Health Care.

Medicare Plans

Charges & Fees

We expect payment for our services the day of your appointment unless we participate with your insurance plan or other arrangements have been previously made. Copays are due at the time of service. The responsibility for payment of the account always remains with you. We will send you a monthly statement of your account with all unpaid charges for the current month listed and itemized. You may incur a finance charge if your balance is carried over for more than 30 days after your insurance has made payment.

You will receive a separate bill for the professional care you receive from our physicians while you are in the hospital. Your monthly statement from us will include the charges for the doctors’ in-hospital care. These should be paid in the same manner as charges incurred in our office.

Feel free to discuss fees and treatments at any time. We want all of our patients to understand our charges and medical care. We want you to be satisfied that they are reasonable, equitable and appropriate. Complete frankness on the part of both patient and doctor is the best guarantee of mutual understanding.

Check your statement carefully when you receive it. We try to be as accurate as possible in regard to your financial records, but mistakes do occur. The more promptly you notify the billing office of an error on your account, the sooner we can correct it.

Medical Insurance

Please assist us in verifying that your insurance  information is correct so your claim can be  promptly filed with your insurance carrier.  Incorrect insurance information may cause the bill to become patient’s responsibility.

There are many types of insurance programs with varying amounts of benefits. it is your responsiblity to know your benefits.  Please remember that we have no control over what your insurance company will pay.   We do file insurance claims with Medicare, Pennsylvania Medical Assistance and certain private insurance companies. If we do not participate with your insurance company, payment will be due at time of service and you will be responsible for sending the information to your insurance company. You will receive a “walk-out statement” that you may use in filing your insurance.

The payment of your account balance remains your responsibility.  We will continue to bill and expect payment from you,  even if your claim is disputed by your insurance company. We are not able to negotiate a disputed claim with your insurance or your employer’s insurance representative.